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      The daring and dauntless Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh were engaged for months together in a prolonged battle with the Mughal army outside the fort of Anandpur. On the solemn assurance given by Emperor Aurungzeb sent a message on Oath that if the Guru and his Sikhs left the fort they would be allowed to go wherever they please. Guru Gobind Singh being persuaded by his devoted Sikhs reluctantly agreed to leave the fort. However the Guru�s fears proved true. The Mughal Army pounced upon them. A fierce battle was fought on the banks of Sarsa River. The gallant Sikhs faced the enemy with unrivaled courage. Each one of them killed a number of Moghul soldiers before sacrificing himself. In the dust and din of battle, members of the family of Guru Gobind Singh got separated from each other. The two younger sons Sahibzada Zorawar Singh and Sahibzada Fateh Singh proceeded along with Guruji's revered old mother Mata Gujri Ji. They passed through thick forests and difficult terrains. After an arduous journey Mata Gujri Ji along with the two Sahibzadas halted for a night with a devoted Muslim water carrier Kuma. Gangu, the domestic servant took the reluctant Mata ji and the Princes alongwith him to village Kheri. The greedy, avaricious and selfish Gangu, first stole the gold and other precious things of Mataji and then passed on the prized information about the whereabouts of Mataji and the little Princes to the Morinda Kotwal. The treachery and betrayal of Gangu got the Mataji and the princes arrested. They were lodged in the Kotwali for the night. Next morning they were taken to Bassi police station and then to Sarhind where they were lodged for the night in a cold room in the tower.
  Next morning the Nawab's court was in session. As the two Sahibzadas stepped inside, they greeted the courtiers with the Sikh salutation -- Wahguru ji ka Khalsa, Wahguru ji ki Fateh Dressed in saffron shirts with Kirpans worn round their wrists, the Sahibzadas looked very sweet. Nawab Wazir Khan addressed them in an affectionate tone: "What sweet and brave faces! Islam will be proud to have you within its fold." The two Sahibzadas shouted back in one voice. "We shall not renounce our religion at any cost". Nawab Wazir Khan again tried to pursue them and said " You are still young and innocent. It is your age for enjoyment and fun. If you listen to our advice, you will enjoy life to your heart's content in this world and be blessed with a glorious life in Paradise" Sahibzada Zorawar Singh spoke fearlessly. "We are fighting against tyranny and injustice. We are the sons of Guru Gobind Singh, the grand sons of Guru Tegh Bahadur and descendants of Guru Arjun Dev. We shall follow in their footsteps." On hearing this, Dewan Sucha Nand, one of the officials, observed, "Do you know that your father has been slain?" Both the brothers reacted in an angry tone, "No one can kill our respected father. He will never fall into your hands. Until this tyrannical government is completely wiped out, we shall go on fighting." The Qazi had listened to the conversation that took place between Dewan Sucha Nand and the two bold sons of Guru Gobind Singh. After some deliberations he pronounced the judgement and ordered that they be bricked up alive in a wall. (a standard punishment taken straight from Quran for seditious activities against muslim state") Sahibzadas heard the sentence unfazed. The princes were handed over to Sher Mohammad Khan, Nawab of Malerkotla for carrying out the sentence since his brother met his end at the hands of the Guru so that he can have his revenge by getting his sons buried alive. Sher Mohammad Khan was dumb founded. After some pause he said to the Nawab in a faltering voice, "This is cruelty! my brother was killed on the battlefield. These innocent boys are not responsible for his death. If we have to take revenge it shall be from the father. God save us from this sinful act." Saying this he got up and remarked in a mournful tone, "O God, how cruel!"
  Thereafter the Nawab ordered that both the boys be sent back to the tower. He directed his officials to arrange for executioners who would brick them alive in between two walls, which may be constructed immediately. The Sahibzadas reached the tower and gave a report of the proceedings of the court to their grand mother. She embraced her grandsons patted them on their backs for their courageous and bold stand and said, "You have rightly upheld the dignity and honor of your revered grand-father and your valiant father May God ever abide with you."
  The Sahibzads were brought to the spot where a wall was being raised. Both of them were made to stand side by side. The Qazi arrived there soon after and tried to pursuade them to accept Islam and not to cut short their lives. Even the executioners tried to prevail upon them but they were both unflinching in their determination and told the executioners, "Raise the wall fast and bury the Moghul Raj Quickly. Don't delay for a minute." Thereafter both of them started reciting Japji while the wall was going up brick by brick. The wall went up higher and higher until it reached their chests. The Nawab and Qazi approached them and said to them in an affectionate tone, "There is still time for you to save your lives, just recite the Kalma and the wall will be pulled down immediately." The Sahibzadas shouted loudly, "We shall not give up our faith. Death does not frighten us."
  Both the Nawab and Qazi were amazed at their steadfast determination. Tears flowed from the eyes of onlookers, as they observed, "Blessed be their mother who gave birth to such children." The wall went up still higher and it was shoulder high. Sahibzada Zorawar Singh said to his younger brother, "They are putting us to test. They do not know that the Sikhs of Guru Nanak are fearless. Our Fifth Guru Arjan Dev faced martyrdom cheerfully on burning iron pans. Whereas he guided humanity to the path of a truthful and noble life, he also set an example of facing death boldly and with full faith in God." The younger brother Sahibzada Fateh Singh remarked, "The martyrdom of our revered grand father, Guru Teg Bahadur was also unique. We shall soon join him. He is waiting us." Later both the Sahibzadas became unconscious. The executioners became nervous and consulted each other. "They are now nearing their end. There is no need to raise the wall further. Why not cut short their agony by beheading them? It is already getting dark." The wall was pulled down. They brought the unconscious Sahibzadas out laid them flat on the ground and, in an instant, martyred them. People in the crowd were shocked at this ghastly act. They sighed in dismay, "what cruelty!"
  As soon as the two Sahibzadas attained martyrdom, Mata Gujri ji, who was sitting in meditation in the tower, breathed her last. The messenger who came with the news of the martyrdom of the Sahibzads found that Mata-Ji had already attained salvation.
  The same evening Dewan Todar Mal, a jeweller reached Nawab Wazir Khan's court for permission to cremate the dead bodies of the two Sahibzadas and Mata Gurji. The Nawab agreed on condition that the dewan paid for the required piece of land by spreading as many Gold coins as would cover the entire spot. The dewan accepted the terms and brought bagfulls of Gold coins. He marked the site and spread coins on entire piece of land he selected for cremation. The two martyred young sons of Guru Gobind Singh were cremated with full honors along with their grand mother. There is no parallel to the martyrdom of such young boys in the annals of human history.

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